Universal life insurance offers you the most flexible life insurance plan. You get the benefits of a low-cost term life insurance policy, with the savings elements of a whole life insurance plan which invests to build up your plans value. The real benefit here is the plan can be adjusted to fit your life as your life changes.

Benefits of a universal life insurance plan:

  • Flexibility with premiums when you need it
  • Payments made over the minimum amount accumulate and can then be used to pay your premiums instead of your other payment sources (like your income).
  • As long as you maintain the minimum cost of the insurance policy, whether through normal payments or through payments made by the policy for over-payments of minimum costs, then the policy is guaranteed.
  • Cash Value – the insurance company establishes a minimum interest rate premium. If their portfolio outperforms this minimum rate, excess earnings are applied to the cash value of the policy.

There are many great benefits of a Universal Life insurance policy. Only you can choose which life insurance type is right for you. By talking to a licensed insurance agent at our office, you can choose the right policy for you and your family. Each policy is different and the above listed information is for informational purposes only.