Tesla Insurance in Utah

If you own a Tesla in Utah, it can be hard to find insurance. Fortunately, we’ve parterned with multiple insurance companies that love to insure them and understand they are safe vehicles.

If you’re considering purchasing a Tesla, there are some things to consider for your insurance first.

How much will it cost to insure a Tesla in Utah?

A Tesla is an expensive vehicle which does cost more to repair than most other vehicles on the road. This fact will result in a higher insurance premium. The Model 3 will be less to insure than a model X or Model S. Additionally, these vehicle are highly customizable from the factory, so the options you add to your vehicle could increase your premiums.

What else comes into play For Tesla insurance?

Your vehicle is unique, but that is where the difference with an insurance policy come to an end. Getting an insurance premium is the same otherwise. Things like credit, driving history, insurance limits and prior insurance can all impact your insurance premiums. This is the same for all vehicles.

Does AutoPilot reduce my insurance?

Because features like autopilot are so new, there is not enough data to suggest that the Tesla offers any safety benefits or accident avoidance to justify a reduction in the insurance premiums.

The best way to see what your premiums will be is to call our office and get a quote. Because we’re an independent insurance agent, we’ll get you a Tesla Insurance quote with all of our best insurance companies in Utah. We’ll help you choose the right coverage for your situation and will look for insurance discounts along the way.