If your family depends on a single income for their lifestyle and bills, you’d be wise to discuss an income replacement insurance policy with your local independent agent. Income replacement insurance is a financial plan to insure your biggest asset – your income. Not your home, not your car, but your income can impact your financial future more than any other asset you have. So, why are you not insuring it for your family’s needs?

Income replacement Insurance benefits:

  • Secures the financial future of your family if they depend on a single breadwinner
  • Affordable coverage options compared to insuring other assets
  • Income replacement insurance can take your family further than a typical life insurance policy.

Income replacement is one of many types of insurance. How much you pay for an income replacement policy will depend on many factors including your age and health. Talk to a licensed insurance agent in our office today to find out if this type of policy is right for you. We can help you navigate your options to best suite your needs.